All Star Karaoke

What is custom karaoke?

Custom karaoke is your ability to select from a library of songs and have those songs put onto a single disc for use in your shows are at your parties.  Our custom karaoke discs will play in virtually very modern karaoke machine and are in the CDG format.

The only real difference between a custom karaoke disc and a pre-pressed disc is that with a custom disc you can get only the songs you want.  Instead of paying $15, $18 or more for a pre-pressed disc that may have only one song you want, you can select your own songs and we will put them all onto a single disc for you.

We currently have over 6,000 songs in our library of music that can be used to make a custom karaoke disc.  Our discs are professional quality and guaranteed from defects.

Would you like to make your own disc today?

You can start selecting songs to create your own karaoke disc by visiting  If you have a redemption code purchased from one of many retailers in the Untied States, you may start the redemption process by clicking here.

Still not sure what to do next?

If you still have questions regarding custom karaoke discs please us the contact form on our other website to reach out to us.  You can find it by clicking here.